Viscosity and rheological behaviour is becoming more and more important in various industries. The rheology of a product before, during and after application controls various factors like viscosity, shear rate, structure build-up and rigidity. By using advanced rheometers and viscometers, combined with our knowledge and experience,  we are able to provide a ‘fingerprint’ of the product under a wide range of conditions and parameters to suit your needs with respect to manufacturing or development. We can help you to optimise your product development, production and quality assurance.

The characterisation of solid surfaces and liquids play also a vital role in understanding product behaviour. Contact angle and interfacial tension measurements provide the information needed for the development and modification of liquid and solid surfaces. Our contact angle equipment measures interfacial tensions resulting in insights of the wettability of a solid surface (its surface free energy) and the surface tension of a liquid. Combination of various measurements and our models enables us to calculate adhesion and predict the compatibility of powders and liquids.